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  • By July 2022, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will regulate the funeral planning sector. 

  • We welcome this approach as does our funeral plan provider, Ecclesiastical Planning Services, 
  • which has customer transparency and fairness at the heart of its model. 
  • To find out more about Ecclesiastical’s approach, visit

  • Please note that Northwood and Sons will no longer conduct funerals on behalf of 
  • any other funeral plan provider, where those plans are taken out after 30th November 2017.
  • This is due to what we feel are excessive fees being taken by some plan providers without 
  • some clients being aware of the full value of these fees.

  • We currently offer funeral plans provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, 
  • one of the leading funeral planning companies in the country. 
  • Ecclesiastical Planning Services is a registered provider of the Funeral Planning Authority.

  •  There are many reasons you may wish to take out a pre-paid funeral plan. 
  • It, of course, is a personal decision and there are those who would rather 
  • not think about the inevitability of life ending.
  • However, more and more people are taking control of their affairs early on in life. 
  • This includes ensuring that loved ones not only know what their funeral wishes are 
  • but that financial provision is in place when the time comes.

  • Some of the benefits of our funeral pre-planning services include:
  • Easy application process
  • no upper age limit and no medical questions to complete

  • Reduce the worry for loved ones

  • Make financial provision in advance

  • Pre-select the funeral you would like

  • Secure our services including expert advice and 
  • bereavement support for family at the time of need
  • There are lots of things to think about and discuss before taking out 
  • a pre-paid funeral plan, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.
‘Terms and conditions apply to funeral plans – please ask for details.’ 

You can buy our funeral plans online.
By clicking on the link below you will be taken to our page on the Ecclesiastical Planning Services website.